The StayCool Cap

Over the past twelve months, Consumer Products of America has designed a new product, the StayCool Cap, to improve the quality of life as it relate to heat exposure. Whether the activity is fishing, landscaping, golfing, working in construction, working in a warehouse or any activity that exposed you to extreme heat this product is for you.

The StayCool Cap provides protection for your head and at the same time maximum cool comfort.  It is a Patent Pending product that takes the worry out of overheating!

Who can use The StayCool Cap?  Designed to provide a cool alternative on hot days, anyone can use the cap?  Going for a morning jog on a hot summer’s day?  Sitting outside in the heat while your child is playing sports?  Outside worker?  Like to golf?  Do you go fishing in the heat?  Are you a coach who works outside during the summer months?  If so, the StayCool Cap is what you need!  It’s great for people who spend a considerable amount of time in the heat.  The StayCool Cap is the cool, comfortable hat you deserve.  We’ve got you covered!

It’s also great for those working out in the sun, like Garbage Truck Workers.


StayCool is a product of Consumer Products of America and is Patent Pending!  Contact Earl Washington for details at 601.613.8583.




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